Hi, its Nono Communications

Digital Marketing Agency 

Scaling your business through: Valuable results. Purposeful direction. Meaningful presence.

What we do

We give you sales the power to keep scaling through your audience by a compelling need for your brand to activate loyalty. Why does this matter? Because they become your word of mouth long after your product/services have been purchased and they give your brand a story long after the sames are made. For your medium to long-term goals, we give you and your market a human connection, one sale at a time.

Strategic Brand Communication

Solutions that put your objectives first . . .

Digital Media Management

scaling business goals through community management, business innovation and Brand communications, as well as through leadership.

Marketing and Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Google Advertising and email marketing are some of our expertise to running digital campaigns. Valuable results increase your visibility.

Influencer Marketing

Partner with socially impactful or influentials to humanise your brand and equity.

We are a service-led multi-disciplinary digital marketing agency with the strength in forward-thinking guided by your company metrics to drive sales and revenue growth. Our agency focuses on full grooming and scaling your sales through:
Brand strategy that fulfils your sales and marketing objectives, Brand Communications that fulfil your consumer digital touchpoints and presence, Brand Management that fulfils your brand experience with your market to leave a long-lasting and on-top of the mind impression.

Our Clients


Some Insights

 // Platinum Member of NSBC Africa //

What peoples say about us

“Working with Noluthando was spectacular. She's an intuitive storyteller who understood our audience's needs and managed our expectations.”
Kearan Pannells
Executive Director @Tribal Media House
“Working with Noluthando was such a vibrant experience. Not only does she embody a work ethic that is filled with care, concern and charisma, but she really takes time to understand the true needs of a company/client.”
Shameelah Khan
Executive Director and Chief Editor @Odd Magazine
“Thando is dedicated, professional and always leads with clear focus. She is quick to report on forecasts and rolls out her creativity with such ease. I am happy with the results her work has .”
Lindiwe Ledwaba
CEO @Palendle Virtual Assistance

You’re (1)an Entrepreneur, (2) a Sales Manager or (3) a Marketing Manager with the following to achieve within three to six months:

1. Scale on your existing scales and leads by 80% and more 
2. build your sales funnel through integrated digital marketing communication channels
3. Assist your scales team to maximise your online opportunities through brand visibility, lead generation and strategic sales 
 4. Work with a team that will take your brand presence to grow more than 40%