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Nono Communications Soars with New Funding: Elevating Client Service, Empowering Employees, and Boosting Functionality

Founded by Noluthando Mnguni, Nono Communications is proud to announce its recent success in securing investment from the National Youth Development Agency, a pivotal moment poised to accelerate the digital marketing agency’s growth and innovative ideas. With this newfound support, Nono Communications is set to soar to newer heights, prioritizing the enhancement of client service, the empowerment of its employees, and the bolstering of its functionality.

“Our team of 4 dedicated members is our most valuable asset,” says Noluthando Mnguni, Founder and CEO of Nono Communications. “We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and efficient work to our clients for their digital media presence.” 

The investment from the National Youth Development Agency is strategically allocated to enhance the company’s assets, ensuring availability and efficiency even during challenges such as load shedding. Among the key investments is an eco-friendly power solution to guarantee uninterrupted operations.

“Our approach has consistently led to tangible outcomes, including increased product/service consumption and audience loyalty,” adds Mnguni.

As Nono Communications celebrates its 18-month milestone in March, the agency has expanded its employee database which comprises of the Content Marketing Manager & research, Media Group Sales Specialist, Website Designer, and the Founder/CEO, is dedicated to enriching client portfolios across diverse sectors including luxury wear, film and television entertainment, finance, and social responsibility. In their record, one of their client portfolios achieved 80% sales increase within the first three months, with 44.3% community increase and brand visibility reached a peak of 61392 individuals in its 4th month.

“Our team is constantly brainstorming and executing ideas that shift the needle,” says Mnguni. “I am proud that our vision is backed by our growing team, the National Youth Development Agency, and our esteemed clients.”

At the heart of Nono Communications’ service offering is “Housed By Nono Communications,” the custom fit service plan is meticulously crafted to seamlessly structure your brand presence, aligning with long-term goals and captivating your ideal client at just one glance. Our holistic offer affords your brand to elevate to new heights incorporating in house videography, copywriting, digital media brand management. With a fully grooming service that goes beyond the surface. To ensure it shines brightly in the digital spotlight, with Nono Communications, your brand matures like fine wine.

Looking ahead, Nono Communications plans to advance it’s client’s digital marketing and brand communications portfolio within the landscape of AI but modern forms of personalised communication, while staying true to humanising the brand’s relation to it’s community of consumer’s as much as possible. The agency remains committed to leveraging technology, AI, and platforms to advance solutions that benefit South Africa’s digital media landscape across luxury wear, education, investment and insurance, media and entertainment and more diverse client portfolios.

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